We are currently OPEN for submissions.

General Guidelines

Submissions should be in English and feature romantic and/or sexual relationships between men. Acceptable document formats include Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, and Google Docs formats–no PDFs please. Images must be high resolution.

Your submission email should include your name or any pseudonym you wish for us to use. We also urge you to include a very brief bio or “about the author or artist” information along with your Twitter/Facebook handle and website url, so that we can publish them along with your work.

Multiple submissions are welcome, however please limit the number of submissions to three (3) at a time. Please, no simultaneous submissions—however, we welcome previously published works.

Short Story & Manga Guidelines

We accept short stories up to 3500 words and comic/manga oneshots up to 15 pages. We are looking for well-written/drawn, original stories from authors/artists who aren’t afraid to push the envelope or write outside the lines. While we won’t automatically reject submissions that contain adult or violent elements, we will not accept pointless smut/porn/pwp or material created purely for glorifying criminal acts of violence or abuse.

Artwork Guidelines

Images should be at least 360 dpi with a minimum size of 2700 x 3600 px.

Non-Fiction Guidelines

Articles should be 1000 – 2500 words in length. This is a ballpark estimate, so we won’t automatically reject submissions that fall a bit below 1000 words or go a little bit over 2500 words.

Where to Submit

Submissions must be emailed as attachments to devoteemag@outlook.com.


Short Stories: $0.03 per word
Comics/Manga: $10 per page
Art: $75 per piece
Articles: $25 – $50 per piece (depending on length)